Preference #33 He tries to match you


“Babe, take off your shirt,” Liam entered the living room as you were cleaning. “Wh-what?” You were confused. Liam wasn’t usually like that. He dodged your questioning so you continued, “Liam…” He shook his head in understanding, “No babe, I want you to wear this sweater, it looks like the one I’m wearing.” He tossed you the navy sweater in his hands and walked over you to peck you on the lips, “We are going out.” You giggled and left the room to get ready.


“(Y/N)? What shoes are you wearing?” You stroked blush on your cheek as Harry got ready, “Um…” you looked down at your feet, “my converse.” You heard him sort through a pile of shoes throwing some across the room in search for the ones he wanted. “And babe?” You looked around the corner to your bedroom. He was holding several shirts in his hands, undecided. “Yes Harry?” He looked at you for a moment, nodded and said “Never mind.” When you were done getting ready you walked in to the bedroom to witness Harry dressed the same as you. “Harry.” He smiled and walked over to you placing his arms around your waist, “Yes?” You shook your head and smiled, “Never mind. I like your outfit.”


“Ni, where are we going? What should I wear?” You laid out several outfits on the bed, as Niall walked in towel-drying his wet hair. He shook his head, “Just to get a coffee, and maybe do some shopping.” He bit his lip, “ut I was thinking maybe…” He stopped talking questioning his thoughts. “What?” He looked at your clothes on the bed, “Maybe you could wear one of my shirts?” You smiled at your thoughtful boyfried, “What did you have in mind?” He skipped off to the closet and handed you a shirt that coordinated with the shirt he was pulling over his head. You put on his shirt and spun around for him. “Perfect.” He said.


“Sweetheart?” Lou walked through the door with a handful of shopping bags. “Lou? What did you buy this time?” He pulled out a baggy navy striped shirt and threw it to you. He then pulled out a shoe box and carried it over to you. Inside was a pair of red vans. You smiled up at him, realizing his intentions. “Go put it on!” He waved to the bedroom. You put on your new clothes and walked out. “Now why am I wearing this?” “Because,” he smiled and walked over to you, “I wanted to match.” He poked you playfully in the stomach and skipped off to change into the same outfit.


You were sitting in your closet watching Zayn decide on what he wanted to wear. He held up several shirts. They all looked the same to you. “Babe, they are pretty much the same. Why is it that big of a deal?” He examined the shirts and looked back at you holding one of the shirts in front of you. “Fine. I will wear this one. But I want you to wear this one.” He said motioning to one of the shirts. “So we’ve turned into one of those couples?” He pulled the shirt over his head and laughed, “Yes, and I think I like it.”

It’s short but whateves. have a lovely eveining. xx, Karen 

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